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: 1099 State Reporting Requirements

1099 Reporting Required
Combined Federal/State Program
eFiling Deadline
Direct-to-State Filing if State Withholding
eFiling Deadline with Withholding
eFiling Deadline with Box7
State Income Tax Assessed No
State Required Backup Withholding % “Piggyback” 0%

Name of Agency : Department of Revenue, Montgomery, AL 36130


Phone Number: 205-242-1175

E-mail :  N/A

W-2 State Filing Available : Yes, E-Filing


  • The state of Alabama accepts e-filing
  • The state of Alabama require Form A-3 Reconciliation along with the 1099/W2 forms.
  • The state of Alabama participates in the CF/SF program, but you are still required to file 1099 forms (MISC & R) directly with the state when withheld present.

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