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State Filing

While many states now participate in the Combined Federal State Filing Program (CFSFP), some states still require a separate, direct-to-state filing for 1099-MISC forms. CFSFP state filings are included in your Tax1099 eFiling cost. Fees for non-CFSFP filings differ from state to state.

Let us manage your state filing process.

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# of forms Non-CFSFP State eFile 1k+
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: 1099 State Reporting Requirements

1099 Reporting Required
Combined Federal/State Program
eFiling Deadline
Direct-to-State Filing if State Withholding
eFiling Deadline with Withholding
eFiling Deadline with Box7
State Income Tax Assessed No
State Required Backup Withholding % “Piggyback” 0%

Name of Agency : Department of Treasury


Phone Number: 517-373-3029

E-mail :

W-2 State Filing Available : Yes, CDROM


  • No electronic filing in the state of Michigan.
  • Paper copies only for state.
  • File form 165 with the 1099.
  • Payers required to file 1099-MISC with IRS must also file with the State of Michigan and with the payee’s city of residence if that city imposes an income tax.

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