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What is a W-2 VI Form?

A W-2 VI form is used to report wage and salary information for employees earning Virgin Island wages.
Example use: Those with one or more employees use this form to report Virgin Island wages and salary with U.S. income tax withheld.

Pricing $10 base fee/payer + $5/form

When would you need to file a W-2 VI?

  • If you made cash or noncash payments to one or more of your employees in the Virgin Islands, you must file this form.
  • There are only very limited situations in which you do not need to file this form.
  • For more, Visit www.irs.gov

Important dates

With Tax1099.com, you can schedule the date that your forms are transmitted to the IRS. Scheduling your forms gives you time between when we email/USPS your forms to vendors, and when we send the forms to the IRS. This is useful because your vendors may have edits to make. You can make those changes in Tax1099 before the scheduled date at no extra charge. We automatically schedule your IRS eFile transmission at a week away from when you submit, or by the deadline. You can edit this date to match your preference.

Filing Type Due Date
Recipient copy Jan 31, 2019
IRS Paper Filing Jan 31, 2019
IRS eFile Jan 31, 2019

eFile info

Electronically-filed W-2 VI forms are directly transmitted to the SSA from Tax1099.

You will receive SSA acknowledgement of your eFile by email within 3 - 7 business days.


Pricing $10 base fee/payer + $5/form

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